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The Croods
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Some of the best movies I've reviewed as of late have actually been animated/stop motion features. THE CROODS (2013) starring Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone is a case in point as this picture was an absolute delight from the opening action sequence all the way through to the emotionally charged wrap-up.

Set in pre-historic times, THE CROODS is the story of a Neanderthal family just fighting to survive in the harsh, desert-like caves they've come to call home. Struggling to temper the exuberance of their teenage daughter while forced to scavenge the desolate landscape for food, our tight knit cavemen are unprepared for the nomad who wanders into their territory. Already possessing the knowledge of fire and spouting dire warning of things to come, the young man convinces the family to follow him away from their home to escape the cataclysmic events beginning to unfold across the landscape.

Beautifully laid out, the changing scenery had an AVATAR-like appearance with its indescribable
forests and wondrous inhabitants. Obviously written and produced by imaginative minds, audiences both young and old will easily relate to THE CROODS and their familiar issues. I highly recommend this movie and must report that I even found myself tearing up at the movie's conclusion.

My three year old male guest was thrilled with the story, and although we choose not to view the release in 3D, we were still fully satisfied with the experience. NOTE: You can expect Belt, a 3-toed furry sloth, to be making his reappearance on toy shelves later this spring as he's already sold out of many Toys R' Us stores. Directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, Rated PG, 98 mins, Animated, Adventure, Comedy. **** 4 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin March 28, 2013
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