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The Call
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THE CALL (2013) starring Halle Berry, Evie Thompson, and Abigail Breslin looks like it's going to be a very popular choice at the movie theaters this spring. And after the big budget failure of CLOUD ATLAS and the dismal showing of MOVIE 43, Halle Berry could really use a box office hit.

When an experienced 911 operator finds herself on the line with yet another victim of a savage killer from a previous call, she must draw on all her years of experience in a desperate attempt to save the life of the teenage girl.

Opening with a rush of adrenaline, THE CALL has us immediately glued to our seats and desperate to see where the story takes us—terrified by the possible outcome. With so many mini climaxes planted throughout the script, the nail-biting pace has us frantically yearning for a resolution as the tension begins to wear on our nerves. Nobody likes to watch an entire movie without taking a breath.

Originally intended as a possible T.V. Series, THE CALL does start to feel like an episode of Criminal Minds where we ride along with the good guys while still being privy to the criminal's progression. This movie is also a prime example of how a low budget thriller, only 13 million in
production costs, can still climb the box office charts alongside the likes of 200 million dollar mega-fantasy productions.

Directed by Brad Anderson, this film will easily keep you entertained for the entire hour and a half. Don't be surprised if the end credits roll and you realize that you've forgotten to eat your popcorn. Rated R, 94 mins, Thriller, Mystery, *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin March 23, 2013
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