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Dark Skies
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I went into this movie armed with very little background information, and in retrospect, I think that was a good idea. DARK SKIES (2013) starring Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, and Dakota Goyo definitely plays best as a surprise. Now don't worry; my reviews never carry spoilers, so feel free to read on.

Struggling with financial worries after a corporate layoff, a husband and wife reluctantly begin to notice strange events plaguing their entire family. What initially appears as puzzling occurrences quickly escalate to violent episodes, the neighbors even suspecting child abuse to explain some of the unfathomable symptoms. Without a base of knowledge to even describe the horror they're experiencing to authorities, the frantic parents finally take their concerns to a third party, hoping his exposure to the same kind of events will possibly help provide an explanation, or better yet, a plan of defense.

Moving at an extremely guarded pace, DARK SKIES definitely takes it's time to switch into high gear. Not until the first half of the movie has passed do we even experience any tangible thrills, and it's a good hour before J.K. Simmons appears to nearly steal the show right from under our main characters. A seasoned conspiracy theorist with a handful of answers, Simmons's help ultimately raises more questions than answers.

I also predict that Dakota Goyo will be someone to watch. Obviously blessed with good looks and acting chops, we definitely haven't seen the last of this teen.

Mark my words, a good percentage of parents are going to take a few minutes and check their children's artwork after returning home from this movie. Directed by Scott Stewart, PG-13, 95 mins, Mystery, Suspense, Horror, *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin March 05, 2013
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