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Hiding Out
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For all the fans of the TWO AND A HALF MEN television series, this trip down memory lane could prove to be quite an enjoyable ride. HIDING OUT (1987) starring Jon Cryer, Keith Coogan, and Annabeth Gish will give you a brief glimpse at a very young and confident 'Alan Harper' 26 years earlier, circa 1987.

A successful stockbroker finds his life threatened by hired killers after agreeing to testify against the mob in open court. Desperate to leave the city after the assassination of a fellow witness, Cryer flees toward unsuspecting relatives living off the beaten path. With few options available upon his arrival, he shaves his beard, cuts his hair, and then enrolls in the local high school as a seventeen year old senior.

I really enjoyed this version of Cryer as the leading man. He's cute, funny, and terribly witty. Only his natural baby-faced appeal makes this casting choice believable. How many other male actors can shift from a grown man to a high school student without making us question their 5 o'clock shadow? And it only took two bars of Roy Orbison's hauntingly beautiful 'Crying' to transport me right back to the 80's.

In retrospect, it might be kind of interesting to waltz back into high school armed with all the knowledge we've accumulated since graduation. A second chance to help those we care about, ignore those who aren't worth our time, and essentially participate in our youth without worrying about the eventualities of our future.

HIDING OUT does have a few of the clichéd 80's stereotypes, but its still smart enough to remind us that many of the obstacles we struggle with as teens turns out to be the training ground for our adult decisions. Directed by Bob Giraldi, PG-13, 98 mins, Comedy, Drama, Romance, *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin March 04, 2013
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