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Django Unchained
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There has been a fair bit of controversy surrounding DJANGO UNCHAINED (2012) starring Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, and Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie has been touted as an old Spaghetti Western tempered with the violent outbursts of an underground dog-fight. I actually found it to be neither.

Just two years prior to the United States being torn apart by civil war, a German bounty hunter and his freed-slave start out on a rescue mission, determined to also free DJANGO'S wife from the hands of aMississippi plantation owner. A cruel man known for his prized Mandingo fighters, this owner routinely forced his slaves to battle each other to-the-death in a desperate attempt to prolong their very existence.

As I mentioned earlier, a couple songs during the credits does not make a Spaghetti Western, and although there is escalating violence, it's really no different than the routine level of blood and gore we see in a common slasher film (i.e. THE COLLECTION). I think what might be bothering viewers is the emotional pain we're experiencing, unable to help but cringe as we once again witness the inhumane treatment of slaves at the hands of their southern owners during the late 1850's.

Although powerful, this movie can also be disturbing. Warning: I truly suggest that all moviegoers be aware of the subject matter before viewing. Note: ($12,000 U.S. in 1858 is worth roughly $333,360 U.S. in 2012). DJANGO UNCHAINED was nominated for five Oscars including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Screenplay for the director Quentin Tarantino. R, 165 mins, Adventure, Drama, Western, **** 4 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin February 08, 2013
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