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The Hunger Games
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An annual lottery selecting a teenage boy and girl from twelve neighboring districts for a fight to the death is the unfathomable premise for THE HUNGER GAMES (2012) starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchenrson, and Woody Harrelson. What is equally unsettling about this movie is the inhumane reasoning for the gladiator-like fights.

Once a year, the governing body demands the televised sacrifices as retribution for past uprisings within the surrounding districts, uprisings that began when the starving men and women had the audacity to demand better living conditions for their families. Being the first of three novels, THE HUNGER GAMES only gives us a brief glimpse into the true fight...the everyday battle just to survive back in the districts.

Although I enjoyed the pace of this movie, the lack of back story was a little disappointing. Unless you have read the novels, too much is taken for granted and we find ourselves not as invested in the 'tributes' as we could be. But do not fear...this is a sequel and there will be another installation just around the corner.  A release date for CATCHING FIRE will be announced sometime in 2013, MOCKINGJAY to follow shortly after.

Please bear in mind that these novels were written for young adults from a sixteen year old girl's perspective. Written by Suzanne Collins, Directed by Gary Ross, PG, 142 mins, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Sequel, *** 3 stars out of 5

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin February 01, 2013
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