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Already touted as a film that will appeal to male audiences, INTERSTELLAR (2014) starring Mathew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain will definitely draw student mathematicians and amateur astrologists back to the silver screen. Although I was impressed with how the director wove huge volumes of scientific theory into a watchable storyline, I still found myself repeatedly checking the clock during the nearly three hours of running time.

When earth proves that it will no longer be able to sustain human life within just a few generations, a team of scientific explorers’ jetton themselves into the stars, making their way toward a wormhole in a valiant attempt to search for another planet to transplant their precious cargo of fertilized human eggs. The ultimate sacrifice in a heroic attempt to halt humanities impending extinction.

Some might consider it noteworthy that INTERSTELLAR filmed in Nanton, Longview, Lethbridge, Okotoks, and Fort McLeod, Alberta during August and September of 2013. Although I wasn’t able to distinguish any recognizable landmarks, those who take advantage and view the movie in the preferred 70MM Imax format might have a better chance.

Heavy on the technical aspects, this story is actually a paradox, struggling to dredge up vast quantities of human emotion to balance the coldness of space and the dying planet the astronauts have left in their wake. Powered by a very impressive ensemble cast, INTERSTELLAR unfortunately does not hit its mark and it didn’t take long for me to tire of Hans Zimmer’s musical score drowning out some very crucial dialogue.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, noted for his direction of INCEPTION back in (2010), this latest epic is not going to have the wide appeal all its advanced advertising has promised. Rated PG-13, 169 Minutes, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action, ***3 stars out of 5.  

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin November 16, 2014
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