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Although HORNS (2014) starring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, and Max Minghella made its original debut at TIFF back in 2013, it didn’t receive worldwide distribution until a year later in October of 2014. A strange combination of supernatural horror, young romance, and even dark comedy, HORNS will leave most audiences stumbling for a foothold. The sight of ‘Harry Potter’ starring in the lead role will only add to the mounting confusion for many fans still unable to disassociate the Hogwarts Alum from any other supernatural project.

After a night of heavy drinking, Ig Perrish sobers up to find that he’s the prime suspect in the rape and violent murder of his girlfriend. In the days that follow, devilish-looking horns inexplicably begin sprouting from both his temples. While scrambling for answers, the 26 year old man suddenly realizes that his unwanted protrusions prompt townspeople to confess their darkest desires and a multitude of unspoken sins.

Peppered with repeated flashbacks, HORNS doesn’t take very long to evolve into a violent, sexualized version of Ig’s life with the town’s unspeakable secrets as his constant companions. Adapted from the novel HORNS, written by Joe Hills in 2010, audiences might be surprised to find out that Joe Hill is actually the son of world famous author Stephen King. Although only Joe’s second published work, the inventive story line does hint of great things to come.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the tormented soul with aplomb, and whether he’s donned a wizard’s robe, or leather jacket, his anguish is believable, managing to carry us through a somewhat genre-confused storyline right up until the final credits. For those viewers interested in symbolism, check out the license plates and convert to chapter and verse to find relevant bible quotes. Directed by Alexandre Aja, Rated-R, 120 Minutes, Drama, Fantasy, Horror. ***3 stars out of 5. NOTE: Extremely graphic and disturbing scenes of violence.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin November 12, 2014
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