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What happens when you’re forty-two years old and no longer the ‘it girl’ in the eyes of the viewing public? Well, you make SEX TAPE (2014) starring Jason Segal, Cameron Diaz, and Rob Corddry. Although inundated with snippets of simulated intercourse and splashed with profanity, SEX TAPE is ultimately nothing more than a poorly acted situational comedy. I wouldn’t even recommend this for a ninety-nine cent rental on a Tuesday night.

Kids away at a sleepover, Jay and Annie decide that to spice up their nonexistent sex life, they’ll attempt every position described in THE JOY OF SEX, written by Alex Comfort. To further enhance the experience, they decide to add alcohol and film the night’s activities. What they don’t plan on is their sex tape’s disappearance and the possible effect it may have on their personal and professional lives.

Although you must give Diaz credit for her amazing figure, there is nothing else to either impress or intrigue viewers in this ninety minute rom-com. Granted, Diaz and Segal adequately entertained audiences in BAD TEACHER from (2011), but SEX TAPE fails miserably. The production crew reportedly used the working title BASIC MATH, as securing filming locations for a project that even remotely sounds like pornography can sometimes be a little tricky.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the APPLE product placement throughout SEX TAPE. The universally recognized I-PAD almost becoming a character in itself, not to mention the CLOUD storage system, and SIRI app. Lending us to ask—why would a film distributed by SONY, who have their own laptops and tablets, allow so much advertising?

Simply put—Apple products are not actually shown in a positive light and many scenes revolve around their system failures. Directed by Jake Kasdan, Rated R, 94 Minutes, Comedy. * 1 star out of 5. Note: Rob Lowe who also stars in the movie had trouble with his own personal SEX TAPE being leaked back in 1989.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin September 23, 2014
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