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Much too dark for children, MALEFICENT (2014) starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Sharlto Copley is a Walk Disney Picture that seems to almost fall through the cracks. Although make-up artist Rick Baker did an unbelievable job creating Angelina’s hauntingly beautiful look, the rest of the movie is held together with extremely large doses of CGI (computer generated imagery) leaving us longing for human actors that we can relate too.

When an innocent, and fairy-like creature is betrayed by the one human she has allowed herself to love, she turns her grief into anger and lashes out in the form of a curse on the kingdom’s infant princess. Unaware of the child’s true heart and her capability for love, MALEFICENT is slow to realize that the very child she has cursed may hold the key to the restoration of peace in their troubled land.

Director Robert Stromberg, known for his work in OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (2013), held the reigns of this ninth remake of the classic Disney story of SLEEPING BEAUTY, first released in 1959. Seemingly a little confused as to whether he was making a Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, or Family movie—Stromberg found himself walking the middle ground, subsequently alienating audiences on a multitude of levels as he struggled to present the iconic Disney villain in an expanded light.

Still leagues above other fairy-tale remakes such as MIRROR MIRROR (2012) starring Julia Roberts, and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (2012) starring Kristen Stewart, MALEFICENT was a large and expensive production doomed to fade away without ever finding its target audience. PG, 97 Mins, Action, Adventure, Fantasy. ** 2 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin September 17, 2014
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