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ALL IS LOST (2013) starring Robert Redford opens with one of the most simple, yet touching soliloquys I have ever heard. A beautiful way to set the mood, especially since there isn’t another spoken for the next twenty minutes. Be warned that I’d classify this picture as an art film—and by that, I mean that it’s a movie that breaks away from what we consider the norm. With a single cast member, and almost no dialogue, ALL IS LOST will have many unsuspecting viewers shaking their heads.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, we join an unnamed sailor on a solo voyage just as his 39-foot yacht hits an abandoned shipping container. What follows is a dramatic, gut wrenching and physically exhausting fight to save his boat, and his life. Despite all of his best efforts, Redford eventually realizes that his time on earth may be up, and the ocean might just be waiting to escort him to his watery grave.

Redford, the consummate professional, sticks very close to reality with ALL IS LOST. He proves time and again that he is more than capable of carrying this one-man survival film and still keep his feet firmly entrenched in reality. And by reality, I mean that Redford doesn’t walk around continually talking to himself, and he especially never calls himself by name. A departure from Tom Hank’s character in CASTAWAY (2000) who strangely ran every thought and emotion by Wilson, his aptly named volleyball.

At the time of writing, the media is in an uproar because Redford did not win a Golden Globe. This movie would be a hard sell, and knowing Redford, he has something even better planned for next year. Directed by J.C. Chandor, PG-13, 106 Mins, Action, Adventure, Drama. *** 3 stars out of 5.  

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin January 14, 2014
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