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JOBS (2013) starring Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Gad is a film that will appeal to more than just the computer nerds in your social circles—it will be of interest to viewers with a head for business and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, if you don't fall into either of these three categories, you might find that the movie drags a little as you wait for the big reveal that never seems to actually materialize.

When Steve Jobs passed away from Metastatic Insulinoma (a respiratory condition related to his pancreatic tumor) on October 5th, 2011 at the age of 56—he had already managed to achieve legendary status within the computer industry and the boardrooms of Wall Street. Touted as the 'Father of the Digital Revolution', we trace Job's evolution from a dropout at Reed College in 1974 to his announcement of the iPod in 2001 and the resulting highs and lows of his friendship with co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Initially unwilling to even acknowledge the birth of his daughter Lisa, Job's rise to 'Master Visionary' was not a clear and unobstructed path. Many of his friends and employees fell by the wayside as he continued to wage war with IBM in his race to offer the best home computer on the market. Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., Pixar, and NeXT Inc.—Steve Job's place in the history books was firmly cemented long before the introduction of the Macintosh home computer in 1984.

Steve Wozniak was unavailable for consultation during the filming of JOBS and has repeatedly been quoted as calling the script 'crap', ultimately choosing to work with Sony and consult on Aaron Sorkin's version to be released at an unconfirmed date. Rated PG-13, 128 Mins, Biography, Drama. Rated ** 2 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin September 13, 2013
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