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For those audience members looking for a titillating movie—LOVELACE, 2013 starring Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, and Juno Temple is not going to provide that kind of stimulation. LOVELACE is the bio-drama of one woman's traumatic journey through the sex industry and the fallout from her starring role in the porn industry's most notorious production. A huge departure from the roles we're accustomed to Seyfried playing, she's somehow managed to capture Linda's nativity and ultimate desperation to survive.

With the present day porn industry having almost attained the same level of acceptance as mainstream Hollywood productions, it's hard to believe that back in the 70's it was still an underground-industry. Linda Lovelace (nee Boreman) unwittingly changed that very fact with her starring role in DEEP THROAT, the first theatrical production of a pornographic movie focusing on the twenty year olds ability to perform fellatio.  LOVELACE is the explicit story of this woman's sexual exploitation and physical abuse at the hands of her husband/manager Chuck Traynor.

I was amazed by Sharon Stone's transformation from a glamorous movie star into Linda's
life-weary mother, the part of Dorothy Boreman almost rendering her unrecognizable. A testament to the power of wigs and make-up when combined with the skills of a very talented actress.

On an interesting note, DEEP THROAT grossed over $600 million dollars, of which Linda was paid only $1,250. Eventually divorcing Chuck Traynor who then married Marilyn Chambers, the second most-popular woman in pornography, Linda also remarried and eventually became a wife, mother, and spokesperson for the anti-pornography movement before eventually citing abuse and divorcing once again.

At the age of 53, Linda Lovelace (Boreman/Traynor/Marchiano) died from injuries sustained in
a serious car crash. Her 17 days in pornography ultimately defining her life. Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Rated R, 93 mins, Biography, Drama, *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin August 16, 2013
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