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The Wolverine
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THE WOLVERINE, 2013 starring Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamato, and Rila Fukushima is the sixth installment in the financially successful X-Men franchise. The first 3-D release for one of Twentieth Century Fox's Marvel films, Hugh Jackman reprises the role that has guaranteed him legendary status in movie history.

Still haunted by the death of Jean Grey, who he was forced to kill in X-MEN: LAST STAND, Wolverine's tormented soul is once again at war with his present day life. With the opening flashbacks taking us to at P.O.W. camp in 1945, we meet Yashida, a military officer Wolverine surprisingly shielded during the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.  Fast forward to present day Tokyo, and Yashida is now an extremely wealthy man dying of cancer who is offering Wolverine redemption from his curse of immortality. Whether viewing this offer as a gift, or a perceived threat, Wolverine is unwilling to fathom the loss of his adamantium-based strength.

A movie peppered with flashbacks, THE WOLVERINE is thoroughly enjoyable throughout the back story, only losing the audience's attention when the routine action takes centre stage. Disappointingly, the other X-Men are glaringly absent from this film and with a massive cast of
unknown supporting characters, viewers might feel like they are struggling to hold onto the mutant mythology. I enjoyed the special effects of Wolverine's operation and Viper's face peel.

Directed by James Margold who was hired to replace Darren Aronofsky after he bowed out due
to time constraints, the principal filming of THE WOLVERINE was moved from Canada to Australia due to financial and tax incentives. Rated PG-13, 126 mins, Action, Adventure, Fantasy. *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin August 13, 2013
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