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I'm not sure if Princeton University thought that lending their name to ADMISSION (2013) starring Tina Fey, Gloria Reuben, and Paul Rudd was going to increase their applications or not. Either way, I'm sure that Ivy League Schools everywhere have enjoyed a good chuckle at Princeton's expense--as this movie does little to impress us with their coveted selection process.

Portia Nathan is an experienced admissions officer whose ability to inspire high school students during her annual recruitments trips has finally put her in the spotlight back at Princeton. On the cusp of being recognized for her outstanding contributions, Portia runs into an old college classmate who teaches at an alternative high school. Wary of his offered friendship and his positive endorsement of a graduating student, it doesn't take long for the admissions officer to realize that her old classmate is also the keeper of her most guarded secret.

Within thirty minutes, this romcom becomes as flat as day old Pepsi. If it wasn't for Lily Tomlin's surprise casting as Tina Fey's mother, we would have easily tired of ADMISSION and turned our
attention back to our I-phones. The lack of physical chemistry between Rudd and Fey does little to entice us, their incompatibility almost painful to watch every time the script calls for them to come together.

Directed by Paul Weitz, this movie was rather tricky to review as it wasn't awful—and it wasn't
wonderful. ADMISSION has a scattered plot with underdeveloped characters, and most of all antiquated stereotypes that dare to hint that no woman is complete until she has bore a child. Strange to watch Michael Sheen—last seen as the powerful Aro from THE TWILIGHT SAGA portraying Portia's milk-toast boyfriend. Rated PG-13, Comedy, Romance, Drama. *** 3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin June 18, 2013
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