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Loosely based on William Joyce's book 'The Leaf men and the Brave Good Bugs', EPIC (2013) starring Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, and Beyonce Knowles has themes of loyalty similar to those in CAMELOT and KING ARTHUR. Honor and the service to the crown are as predominate in this movie as love of nature and everything green.

Reluctantly moving back to her father's home after her mother's untimely death, a teenage girl finds herself strangely transported from her world into that of miniature and magical creatures secretly inhabiting the skies and forest floor. The Queen of this magic land with her loyal army of Leaf Men fight to protect all that is good and green. Warring endlessly with evil forces who dream of turning the forest into a dead wasteland of rotten and decrepit vegetation, the beautiful Queen has more to protect that just her own reign.

EPIC in 3D is a computer generated movie that offers little by way of surprise. As expected from the creators of ICE AGE and RIO, the special effects are impressive; however the storyline can be a little difficult for young children to follow. With overwhelming themes of sacrifice for the crown, children under ten can easily lose track of the story. My own three year old male guest did enjoy the action; however on leaving the theatre was unable to name a single character. Overwhelmed with the sheer flood of faces and bewildered by the adult themed plotline, he choose to just keep repeating the one-word title as no single character captured his imagination.

A safe bet for family entertainment, look out for 'Ozzy', the seriously funny 3-legged dog. Directed
by Chris Wedge, Rated PG, 104 mins, Animation, Adventure, Family. ***3 stars out of 5.

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Reviewed by Lynne Martin May 30, 2013
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